A professional Austin attic insulation installation can help you save money on energy bills and preserve your home's value. The most common types of attic insulation are fiberglass, spray foam, cellulose, and closed-cell foam. However, the type of insulation that suits your needs may depend on the structure of your home. A thorough inspection by a licensed Austin attic insulation installer will ensure that the right kind of insulation is installed in your home.

In addition to saving money on heating and cooling expenses, an attic insulation installation can help you make your home more comfortable. According to a study conducted by the Boston University School of Public Health, proper insulation would reduce electric consumption by 37 billion kilowatts annually - enough to power 3.4 million homes in the U.S. Using the correct insulation will ensure that your Austin home is as energy efficient as possible.

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If you are interested in hiring an insulation contractor in Austin, you may be interested in the R-value of the material. This value represents the amount of heat the insulation keeps out. In addition, you might want to consider a radiant barrier for the attic. The right radiant barrier can help your home stay a few degrees warmer in winter and keep out heat during the summer. The quality of the attic insulation installation can affect the value of your home. If it has a high R-value, it will keep your house cooler than it would be without it.

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